Vodstra Limited has demonstrated excellence in developing a strategy for organizations. Our strategic advice and execution is primarily focused on expanding business operations to earn more income and supporting you to streamline operations by improving your human, capital, policies and material resources. 

Our team of experts assists SMEs develop the corporate capabilities to allow your business to win in today’s fast-changing marketplace. 

We do not believe in a one size fit all therefore Our strategy is designed based on the needs of the client using models that will enhance efficiency, performance and rapid growth. Our strategy experts have developed a strategic framework that will align the business units from the development through the execution stage to achieve organizational goals. 

We are particularly great at advising on the best Corporate Strategy to adopt when you need to expand or scaleup your business.

 Strategy Development

To enhance robust and efficient processes, Vodstra team will work with the SMEs to deliver a sustainable business value which is coherent with the overall business objective. 

Strategy Planning and Execution

We understand that to the SMEs successful planning and execution of strategy poses a serious challenge, therefore Vodstra is committed to hand hold the SME’s in ensuring smooth planning and execution and successful transition after thorough performance evaluation. Our step by step process execution is holistic with end to end communication flow and measurable impacts. This allows proper alignment of the organization thereby improving efficiency and meet the overall business goals 

Business Modelling

Most SME are handicapped with running the company to generate the desired income. Vodstra is here to introduce the required disruptive innovation through reinventing your business model to compete with the market leaders. We shall work with you and redesign the business policies, assets and corporate governance.

Process Reengineering